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Introductory and educational video materials, intended to acquaint any interested visitor of the company's website with our business, our history and the collective values ??of the company.

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Company profile

The company dates back to 2009 when its Director General Adam Schultz started his career studying finances in Great Britain. His areas of study also included global stock exchanges, trading, and deep analytics. He was a regular at global trading conferences and gained invaluable experience from the world-class traders.
Having graduated successfully and gained practical knowledge, Adam Schultz devoted himself to trading and searching for his own style. The first results firmly convinced him that his strategy covered various styles of the world-class traders and could generate huge profits provided some considerable investments. However, back then he lacked for funds.
Meantime he came up with an idea that would change his life and lives of many people. It occurred to him to attract investments from his friends and acquaintances to multiply the capital in a short time. And he excelled! The results exceeded all expectations; he considerably multiplied the investments of his partners and proved to have unique trading skills. A growing number of people turned to him from then on. It encouraged him to take the next step to change his life. Such considerable growth in the number of partners made him realize that in the nearest future he would not manage alone. He attracted his course mates who worked in the same area but yet had not achieved good results. And Schultz showed another side of himself  - a talented mentor and strong leader.
After several years of teaching, Adam Schultz realized that he now had a chance to fulfill a long-held dream - to form a company in cooperation with his devoted partners and change lives of others by enabling them to gain financial independence using his unique skills both of a trader and a strong leader. Two years later Schultz made an important decision. He traveled all over the world and wasn't confined to a particular spot, but the high Norwegian taxes prevented his company from growing in the pace he strived for. Having realized that fact, Schultz recalled a story of a person who inspired him: John Templeton was a famous trader who while being the USA citizen acquired the Bahamas nationality and moved there to work and live till the end of his days. He lived in the Bahamas for 40 years. Adam followed the lead of John whose success inspired him for many years. He acquired the Panamian citizenship in 2018 and started to plan the incorporation of his own trading company and teach new partners. Staff training was a key of the company's great success: it provided for spending a lot of time on learning character and other skills in order to determine a trading style to be assigned to a certain type of deals divided among different departments. Finally, once being trained, an employee joined the team close to him/her by spirit and character, so he/she got a chance to demonstrate his/her skills and feel comfortable while working and self-developing. Such a creative approach to the training performed well and made Schultz more confident he would fulfill his dream. With this view, in 2019, he started his journey by founding Forrise Limited - an international trading company incorporated in Panama.


The maximum efficiency of commercial activity involves making a profit and minimizing overhead costs by all legal methods. In particular, Forrise Limited has placed the business as a resident in the Republic of Panama, where the government has provided high preferences for our business, also in the matter of optimizing tax payments from profits. By diversifying trading business lines and lowering overhead costs, Forrise Limited can further increase competitive pressure in the investment market by consolidating online investment ideas with an ever-increasing number of investors and customers on completely legal grounds.

Team business

An important difference between our specialists and competitors is a creative approach in forming a team of company traders. The essence of the approach is that during the training of a new member of the team, maximum attention is paid to analyzing the character of the new employee, his preferences and prevailing trading skills to determine the strengths of the specialist, his trading style and potential in general. This becomes a key aspect in determining the specialization of the trader and his consolidation in the relevant trading division of the company. After training, an employee enters a team of people who are close to him in spirit, skills, trading preferences and character, which aids to complete eliciting his potential and continuing to develop skills.

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